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Student parking

Registered students may park free of charge at UiO's student parking spaces, marked with the letter S (student). 

If you want to park at the University of Oslo you must register as a UiO-user in the Apcoa Flow parking app. Students must have paid semester fees in order to achieve parking benefits.

How to enable the parking permit

  • Download the Apcoa Flow parking app in App Store/Google Play or via Apcoas website. The app does not support Windows Phone.
  • Create a user at Apcoa. Do not use your UiO password here.
  • Click on the tab Menu – Parking Benefit– Register Parking Benefit – Universities and colleges – UiO. Here you reach the Feide login and use your UiO username and password.
  • Your registration is complete when a pop up message informs you that your parking benefit is registered.
  • Under the Benefit Parking tab you can see details about which parking zone you have access to, the benefit parking expiry date, and which car is registered with parking benefit.
  • With this electronic solution, the parking permit is linked to you as a person. You can register several cars, but the benefit of free parking can only be used on one car at a time. You must therefore make sure that the car you use at any time is the one registered with the parking benefit.
  • The parking benefit is valid for one year from the day you register and must be renewed annually.
  • Notice which zones (A, S, E or R) you have access to.


  • When logging in via Feide, only data about your affiliation with the UiO and no other personal data is obtained.
  • For statistical purposes, anonymised data is shared with the UiO.
  • Use of data is regulated in a separate data processing agreement between UiO and Apcoa Parking Norway.
  • NB When your parking benefit expires you are still registered as a user in Apcoa until you deregister in the app or on the website.
  • All personal information about you will be deleted in the course of your deregistration. You can choose to unregister your user in Apcoa at any time.

Parking maps

See parking information for the various areas at UiO

Parking rules

Rules for wrong parking and fines.

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