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Parking maps


UiO encourages visitors, students and employees to walk, ride a bike or use public transport.

Map of parking spaces at Blindern. A = parking for employees with benefit parking A. S = parking for students with parking benefit S. B = metered parking spaces. EL = charging stations and parking for electric cars. There are also some reserved parking spaces marked R. These spaces are for visitors and for employees granted the R parking benefit. The student parking lot at Problemveien has metered parking spaces for visitors (B).

Parking at the Natural History Museum

All driving and parking in the Botanical Garden is prohibited.

Staff, students, guests, contractors, service companies etc. with a valid parking permit may use UiO parking spaces right outside the garden in Sofienberggata (50 spaces) and Monrads gate (20 spaces). Visitors without a parking permit find a public parking lot between the Munch Museum and the Botanical Garden with entry from Monrads gate. Read more about access to the Natural History Museum.

Map of parking spaces at Botanical Garden, NHM. A = parking for employees with parking benefit A. EL = charging stations and parking for electric cars. HC = handicap parking.
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