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Parking spaces at UiO

Overview of parking spaces for employees and visitors. The student parking is located behind Frederikkebygningen and Geologibygningen.


UiO encourages visitors, students and employees to walk, ride a bike or use public transport.

Map of parking spaces at Blindern. A = parking for employees with parking permit A. S = parking for students with parking permit S. B = metered parking spaces. EL = charging stations and parking for electric cars. The student parking lot at Problemveien has metered parking spaces for visitors (B).

City centre


  • A few parking spaces in the backyard of Frederiks gate 3.
  • A few spaces in the backyard of St. Olavs gate 29.
  • The parking lot behind The Historical Museum is closed until February 2021.


  • No parking spaces for students in the city centre.

Tøyen: The Natural History Museum

Map of Tøyen


Gaustad: The Science Park

All the visitor parking spaces by Kristen Nygaards hus are reserved for the Norwegian Computing Center.

Parking with a UiO parking permit

Parking without a UiO parking permit

  • Short term parking by Kristen Nygaards hus might be available in case of deliveries or heavy equipment transport – please contact USIT, who may be of assistance.
  • Metered parking in the indoor car park in Forskningsparken/Oslo Science Park or Rikshospitalet.



Gaustad: Domus Medica og Domus Odontologica

Indoor car park at Ole-Johan Dahls hus og Domus Medica extension.

Electric car par

Charging points for electric cars at the indoor car park in the Domus Medica extension, the indoor car park at Ole-Johan Dahls hus and the parking lot behind Gaustadalleen 30.

The slots can only be used while charging electric cars, and are not reserved for electric cars in general. The charging points are not compatible with hybrid cars.

Illegal parking

Illegally parked cars and cars with no permit can be fined. The fine will be issued by Apcoa A/S (

Gaustad: Harald Schjelderups hus

  • Employees: Parking by the end of Forskningsveien 3a.
  • Visitors: Metered parking in Forskningsveien. Alternatively contact the department for guest parking permits for the spaces marked A.
  • Students: No parking spaces in Forskningsveien.

Gaustad: Oslo University Hospital, Rikshospitalet

University employees can email Oslo University Hospital (OUS) at or and request a link to the parking system.

More info on parking ( – in Norwegian)

Gaustad: Geitmyrsveien 69/71

22 parking spaces for employees behind the building.

OUS: Klinmed and IMB

University employees can email Oslo University Hospital (OUS) at or and request a link to the parking system.

More info on parking ( – in Norwegian)


Frederik Holsts hus and Stjerneblokka, Lille Ullevål (Institute of Health and Society)

  • Parking for employees who hold a parking permit along the fence by Frederik Holsts hus.
  • Visitors: The fourth parking space, closest to the storehouse on pillars, is reserved for visitors. Employees can reserve a parking space for their guest at the Frederik Holsts hus’ reception desk.
  • Metered parking: On the upper side of Nedre Ullevåls vei, including the area in front of Nedre Ullevål 11. Use the parking app. A few metered parking spaces in front of the main entrance of Frederik Holsts hus.


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