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Procedure for defibrillator


This procedure shall ensure that training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation  is provided and that defibrillators are made available, registered, checked, maintained and upgraded.

Range of application

This procedure applies to all units at the University that have a defibrillator.


Managers are responsible for deciding whether the unit should have a defibrillator and that the defibrillator is followed up in accordance with this procedure.


Location of defibrillator should be a fixed central place, signposted and easily accessible.

Managers shall ensure that the training in the use of a defibrillators is completed as decribed in the HSE training procedure,

Managers shall ensure that there is a local procedure that ensures that the defibrillator is checked, maintained and upgraded according to the supplier's recommendations.


Managers shall ensure that the defibrillator is registered in Hjertestarterregisteret ( When registering "Company Name", UiO must be entered as a part of the name.


Archiving of HSE-documents (Norwegian).


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  • Compiled by: Unit for HSE and emergency preparedness
  • Authorized by: University Director Gunn-Elin Aa. Bjørneboe
  • Date of authorization: 19.05.2017
  • Version: 1
  • Case and document no. in ePhorte: 2012/11454-74


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