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HSE procedure during field work


The procedure shall ensure that field work is carried out in a proper manner and in compliance with regulations. The procedure shall ensure that a field manager is appointed.


This procedure applies to all units at UiO where field work is conducted.


The manager is responsible for ensuring that fieldwork is managed and documented and that it fulfills the requirements of the HSE regulatory framework.

The field manager is responsible for seeing to it that the fieldwork is carried out as described in this procedure.


Field Manager

  • The manager shall decide who is be the field manager.
  • All fieldwork shall have a field manager.
  • The field manager shall ensure that HSE is taken into account in the planning, preparation and implementation of fieldwork.

Risk assessment

Risk assessment shall be conducted as prescribed in the procedure for risk assessment. A list of aspects  for fieldwork has been prepared and can be used. The field manager shall ensure that all field participants and relevant partners are familiar with the outcome of the risk assessment. The field manager shall ensure that all involved personnel review potential risks and risk-reduction measures before commencing hazardous activity.

Local procedures

Whenever UiO’s joint procedures are insufficient, the manager shall ensure that local procedures are prepared and are kept up-to-date and that the employees are familiar with them. The manager shall ensure that there is a local system for filling out and collecting field cards from the field manager and from field participants.

Field card

  • The field manager shall fill out the field manager's field card and attach the risk assessment.
  • Field participants shall fill out field cards for participants and confirm that they have been made aware of the risk assessment.

Equipment, transport, accommodation

The field manager shall ensure that:

  • equipment to be used in the work tasks meet the requirements in statutes and regulations.
  • adequate and appropriate personal protective equipment is available and used by employees.
  • accommodation is proper.


The field manager shall ensure that field participants have completed training as described in the procedure for HSE training and that it covers the needs indicated in the risk assessment.


The person responsible for fieldwork shall collect copies of authorizations, permits, certificates etc. that are required in the relevant fieldwork (list of examples).


Filing HSE documents


Rules and other framework criteria

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