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Procedure for management of HSE deviations


This procedure shall ensure that all HSE deviations are reported and managed to protect anyone involved, and prevent recurrences. The procedure should ensure that serious accidents are managed and notified quickly and correctly.

Range of application

This procedure applies to all units at the University.


Employees / students are responsible for reporting HSE deviations. Managers are responsible for taking action on reports of HSE deviations. The University Director is responsible for the statistics on reports of HSE deviations.



Employees shall report HSE deviations using form for reporting HSE deviations in CIM. Personal information about who was involved in the HSE deviation shall not be recorded on the form. The HSE deviation is automatically sent to the appropriate manager based on organization affiliation. Students shall notifyHSE deviation in the Speak up system.

Case handling

Manager shall

  • ensure quality and classify the HSE deviation, make sure the HSE deviation is sufficiently clarified and that it does not contain sensitive personal data
  • send information about the HSE deviation to the safety representative in safety zone where the HSE deviation has occurred
  • in consultation with the employee and safety representative review the case and identify possible measures
  • decide measures
  • follow up the implementation of the sanctioned measures
  • close the case
  • provide necessary reporting 

In cases of serious accidents and serious near accidents manager shall conduct an analysis of the HSE deviation and ensure that the injured (if possible) and safety representative attend the analysis. Managers can include other participants as needed. Template for analysis of HSE deviations (word) (Norwegian) can be used.


  • Manager shall report statistics on reports of HSE deviations to WEC / LWEC.
  • In the event of accidents that have resulted in serious injury and in serious near accidents manager shall send a copy of the HSE deviation and the analysis to LWEC.
  • In the event of accidents causing serious injury (Labour Inspection definition) or death the manager shall immediately, and no later than the same day, alert the management, the nearest police authority and the Labour Inspection. The notification to the Labour Inspection must also be confirmed in writing by the manager through an accident report to the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority ( (Norwegian).
  • In the event of possible injury which may appear later, sick leave and personal injury requiring consultation with a doctor (occupational injury), managers shall within three days send an occupational accident report to NAV for employees or students (
  • When an occupational injury is reported to NAV, the manager and employee involved shall also send an Accident report to the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund (pdf) ( (Norwegian) for employees who are members.
  • In the event of accidents involving electricity, managers shall send the form for electrical accidents involving personal injury to DSB ( (Norwegian).
  • In the event of accidents and adverse events which must be reported according to the Radiation Protection Regulation, manager shall immediately no later than within 3 days send a report to the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority ( (Norwegian). The HSE team's Central Radiation Coordinator shall assist.
  • In the event of emissions of GMO material the manager shall within the same day report to the Norwegian Directorate of Health, e-mail: The following information must be given: What has happened. Why it did happen. The identity and quantity of GMO released. Information required to assess the effects of the accident on public health and the environment. Measures that have been implemented.


Archiving of HSE documents (Norwegian).


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