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Procedure for the development, implementation and maintenance plan for HSE audits


To ensure that the University has updated plans for HSE audits based on risk assessments.

Range of application

This procedure applies to all units at the University.


  • The University Director is responsible for ensuring that there is an overall plan for HSE audits at the University and that it is implemented and maintained.
  • Units can have a separate plan for their level. In such instances, managers will be responsible for the existence of a plan for their level (faculty, institute, centre, museum, university library or administrative department), and that the plan is implemented and maintained.


  • HSE audits must be revised annually and should cover 3-5 years. Template for HSE audit plan (xls) can be used.
  • Risk assessments for the unit, information from previous audits and management review shall be used as the basis for the plan. Managers can request the underlying level to give input.
  • Managers must ensure that safety representatives for the unit are included in creating the plan.
  • Managers must ensure that the draft plan is discussed in the relevant working environment committee.


Managers must ensure that the plan and any changes during the year are reported to the relevant working environment committee.


Archiving of HSE documents (Norwegian).


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