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Safety delegate: procedure in cases of harassment

The safety delegate is the employees’ representative in working environment cases.

Employees are asked to take cases of harassment up with their leader or the safety delegate (see Section 2-3 d of the Working Environment Act (pdf). It is important to support a person who has had this kind of experience.

When someone contacts you, you can:

Do you as a safety representative have a duty to report even if the employee wants to be anonymous?

No, safety delegates have a duty of confidentiality in relation to someone's personal circumstances. The duty of confidentiality does not apply if they receive consent from the person the information applies to.

The working environment as a whole

As a safety delegate, it is your responsibility to ensure that the employer establishes a good working environment for individuals and for the unit as a whole. In the wake of harassment cases it may also be necessary to take action in relation to the whole working environment.


As a safety delegate, you can contact the Occupational Health Service Unit (BHT) for advice.

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