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List of items in safe job analysis of field work

Field work is the collection and/or processing of data at locations other than the normal workplace. Field work may proceed both in Norway and abroad. Periods spent at other institutions are not field work. Both employees and students may do field work. Courses held in the field will pose many of the same HES challenges as ordinary field work.

Factors to be assessed for field work or field courses

  • The division of responsibility and tasks must be clarified.
  • Any training required must be identified and carried out. This applies both to field work generally and to conditions associated with the area where the field work or field course is to take place.
  • A risk assessment or safe job analysis must be carried out, with contributions from participants. This should cover at least:
    • the equipment that is to be used, such as boats, excavators, measuring equipment etc.
    • safety equipment, including personal safety equipment
    • transport to and from the place where the field work or field course is to be carried out
    • accommodation
    • climatic conditions
    • any risk associated with animals in the area
    • any risk associated with infectious diseases
    • effects of the natural surroundings
    • the cultural and/or political situation in the field abroad

Local conditions

  • Follow own unit’s routines for field work or field courses.
  • Take note of local regulations concerning transport and Communications.

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