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Innovation at UiO

UiO contributes to innovation directly through commercialisation of research findings, and through cooperation with business partners and the public sector. The most important contribution to innovation, however, is made through education of degree candidates, excellent research, and the exchange of knowledge with important stakeholders in society.


Centre for Scalable Data Access (SIRIUS) develops new technology to identify and process information from the vast amount of digital data (big data). The center was established in 2015 and the center leader is professor Arild Waaler.

Health Information Systems Programme (HISP) is a global network that design, implement, and sustain Health Information Systems to support local management of health care in developing countries. HISP is managed and coordinated by the Department of Informatics, and three participants were awarded the UiO Innovation Prize in 2013.

Inven2 is the largest contributor in Norway within the field of commercialization of research, and contributes to develop a number of useful products and services to the community. Inven2 is owned by the University of Oslo and Oslo University Hospital.


Oslotech wants to contribute to the creation of more companies, and more value for society, out of Oslo’s research- and technology communities. Oslotech initiated and is the main supporter of the incubator StartupLab. They also support the health incubator Aleap.


The UiO Innovation Prize (Norwegian)

The UiO Innovation Prize is awarded to researchers whose work has had an impact on society and created added value.

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Student exchange, Science Shop and Research Collaboration.

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Start UiO (In Norwegian)

is a student organization that wants to facilitate innovation and entrepreneurship amongst UiO's students, and can give assistance with start ups.