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Using Zoom webinar

What is a webinar?

In Zoom, there are two types of meetings: Meeting and Webinar. These are similar, but there are important differences. Webinars are often preferred for large, open events as they require a higher degree of security and have lower requirements for interactivity.

  • Meetings are designed to be a collaborative event where all participants can share screens, and talk together, and see who else is involved. Meetings can also be divided into groups, or breakout rooms, for discussions and group work. Everyone at UiO has a license to conduct meetings with up to 300 participants. It is also possible to apply for a license for 500 participants. If you are going to have such large meetings, you should take care with the security settings to avoid Zoom bombing and unwanted participants.
  • Webinars are designed so that only the host and any designated panelists can share video, audio, and screen. The participants are anonymous to each other, and watch and listen to the host and any panelists. Opportunities for interaction are limited to a written question and answer service, chat and the opportunity to answer polls. The host can give individual participants opportunity to talk if they raise their hand, but the participants can not control this themselves. Participants can not change their name.
  • Read more about differences between meeting and webinar + the different functions and possibilities in webinars in the Zoom Help Center.

 A webinar is a way to conduct online lectures with a large number of participants, using various types of communication. The person who creates the webinar in Zoom is called the host. Participants can ask questions, raise their hand, or use the webinar's chat function. The host can allow participants to speak by unmuting their microphone. There is also an option to hold polls during the webinar. There can also be more than one lecturer, called a panelist in Zoom. The host can promote a participant to be a panelist, and also demote them afterwards.

Please note that using webinars require an add-on license. Fill in the form to apply for a webinar license. 

How to use webinars

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