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Turning sound and video off and on

Your own microphone or camera

As a participant, you turn your own microphone and camera on and off by clicking on the icons at the bottom left of the Zoom window.

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Controlling microphone or camera for other participants

If you are the host or co-host of a meeting, you can also check if the participants have a microphone and camera on. To do this from the list of participants:

  • Move the mouse pointer to the bottom of the Zoom window and click on Participants.
  • When you click a name in the participant list, you can mute or unmute the microphone by selecting Mute or Unmute. To check if the camera is on or off for a particular participant, hover over the participant's name, click More, and select Stop Video or Start Video. Before you turn on a video for a participant, you should say so or ask if it's okay.

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