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Install Zoom, and sign in

IMPORTANT SECURITY MESSAGE: Log on to Zoom with your UiO user name and password

All students and staff at UiO are licensed to use the full version of Zoom, where privacy and security are better than the free version of Zoom, and UiO has made key settings to further enhance security. It is important that everyone at UiO installs Zoom and logs in with UiO username and password as we describe here. If you have installed Zoom and are unsure if you are using the full version and are logged in as a UiO user, you can check it.

Installing Zoom 

Do not use the free version of Zoom. For security reasons, UiO users should install Zoom and log in with UiO username and password.

You will need to install Zoom on your computer regardless of whether you will only participate in meetings or need to set up and host meetings yourself. 

For best results, always use the installed Zoom application for your operating system or device, instead of the online version. If possible, use the Zoom application on a local workstation or laptop, and not through Windows Remote Desktop or similar.

Installing Zoom

Installing Zoom on devices managed by UiO

On computers managed by UiO, Zoom is installed by default. If it is not installed on your computer, contact your local IT staff to assist you in installing the software. 

Installing Zoom on a personal computer or device

On computers:

  1. Download Zoom Client for Meetings from the Zoom Download Center
  2. When the download is complete, locate the ZoomInstaller file (or its equivalent) that was downloaded and double-click it to begin the installation.
  3. Follow the instructions that appear on your screen to complete the installation.

For phones and tablets, Zoom Cloud Meetings is available from  AppStore for iOS and from Google Play for Android.  

Signing in to UiO Zoom 

1. Start Zoom. The first time you do so on a device, it will prompt you to sign in. Do not fill in the boxes for email and password. 

2. Click "Sign in with SSO".

Select "Sign in with SSO" to use your UiO account.

3. You will be asked for a company domain. If it does not already say so, enter uio and click Continue.

Sign in with company domain

4. Your web browser should now open FEIDE and request a login. After this has completed, your web browser will be redirected to Zoom and you will be asked for permission to start the Zoom client. Easy – you are signed in and ready to start. 

Signed in to Zoom

UiO background picture in Zoom?

Download from the UiO design pages.


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