Online nomination service for partner universities

The University of Oslo uses an online nomination service for nomination of exchange students.

The nomination service will open in March for nominations for Autumn 2021. The deadline for nomination and application is 1 May.

Exchange studies starting in Spring 2021

The University of Oslo has accepted nominations of students from partners in Europe for exchange in Spring 2021. Due to the uncertainty around the ongoing pandemic, the University of Oslo canceled all incoming and outgoing exchange for Autumn 2020.

Students who were nominated for studies (one or two semesters) starting in Autumn 2020 and wish to come for exchange in Spring 2021, had to be re-nominated in our nomination service before 15 October. We do not defer nominations from autumn automatically or based on emails from partners and students.

The ongoing pandemic still causes considerable uncertainty, and we advice partners and students that the spring semester may be subject to changes. UiO will most likely offer a blend of online and in-class courses also in spring and there may also be alterations to the start of semester activities. Please follow the information on our website for updates: New international students.

The deadline for nominations and applications for Spring 2021 was 15 October. Due to limited capacity in housing and courses we will not be able to accept late nominations.

Nomination process for partner institutions

UiO's partner institutions who are registered with one or more accounts may log in with their username and password. A new password may be ordered on the login page.

  • Registered nominators will receive an e-mail with username and instructions for how to use the service a few weeks before the deadline.
  • Partners who have forgotten their username or need to be registered as a new user in the system must contact us at

The deadlines for nomination are:

  • 15 October for studies starting in spring
  • 1 May for studies starting in autumn

STEP 1 - Log in:

Nominators from UiOs partner universities log in to the University of Oslo online nomination service:

  • Username: Your username is the email address which is sent to you in an email from the University of Oslo, when the service opens. (If you are not registered as a user, please see "Contact us" below).
  • Password: To log in the first time you must order the password from the log in page. Enter your e-mail address (the address stated in the email from the University of Oslo) and click on "Send password".

The Nomination service supports Internet Explorer 8 or newer versions, along with most other browsers (e.g. Safari, Opera, Firefox, Chrome).

STEP 2 - Choose relevant agreement:

After log in you will see the agreements your institution has with the University of Oslo (the agreements that are registered on your username). Select the relevant agreement from the list and click on the button “Add new nomination” to nominate a student on the agreement.

STEP 3 - Register nominated students:

Please take care to enter the student's information correctly:

  • e-mail address
  • name (First name and family name)
  • gender
  • birth date (on the format YYYY.MM.DD)
  • number of semesters (one or two, if applicable)

To our partners in Germany: Please do not register the students with email addresses from or Our emails with receipt of nomination and password for logging in to the application service are blocked by these email providers. Your students will not receive the emails and consequently will not be able to complete their applications.

Add the nomination: After completing the student's information, click on "Add Nomination" to save the data. After ca. 30 minutes the system will send a confirmation e-mail to the nominated student's e-mail address, and a copy to you. If you wish to cancel the nomination of the student, no e-mail will be sent if you cancel by clicking on the delete button (red circle with the white cross) within 30 minutes.

Unfortunately, some partners have trouble adding nominations for students who are already registered in our system (from Autumn 2020). We are in the process of fixing the error and kindly ask you to wait a few days to try and nominate the students again.

Change the student's data: Please note that the data you have entered about the student can not be edited once it has been entered by clicking on the "Add Nomination" button. If you typed incorrect data, you must delete the nomination using the delete button (red circle with the white cross) and then click “Add New Nomination” to start the process again.

PhD-candidates: Please note that PhD-candidates must not be nominated in the nomination service but directly to the department in question. Exchange students on the PhD level will not be given student status at the University of Oslo, but are treated as guest researchers. These students will not receive the regular admission letter but must contact their host department for academic and practical follow up.

STEP 4 - Upload relevant documents:

All nominated students must provide a Transcript of Records (official document which shows courses taken previously). We encourage partners to upload the student's relevant documents in the nomination process, but the student can also upload the documents when applying. 

Relevant documents for Erasmus+ and Nordplus/Nordlys students:

The relevant department or faculty at UiO will sign the Learning Agreement (LA) and return it to the student when he/she has completed the course registration and has been admitted to courses at UiO (in September/June). Students who have not uploaded the LA with their online application must remember to hand it in to their faculty/department when the semester starts.

Relevant documents for bilateral students:

  • University Transcript of Records, preferably in English
  • Copy of English test (does not apply for native speakers)
  • Statement of purpose/letter of intent
  • Copy of passport

STEP 5 - Add more students:

Complete Steps 2 and 3 for each student your institution is nominating to the University of Oslo. Once you have added a nomination, see the list of students you have nominated, and their status.

You may now see the details and upload documents for each student you have nominated, by clicking on the button "Documents and Details", or nominate more students.

You may log in again later to upload more documents and to check the application status of your nominated students.

After nomination

E-mail to students: When you have finished the nomination, the students you have nominated will receive an email from the University of Oslo confirming that they have been nominated by your institution. The students will be given further instructions for completing their application in the University of Oslo’s online application service for students (Søknadsweb).

Student application status: You can keep track of each student's status by logging in on the online nomination service any time. On the “Available agreements and admission” webpage you may see all relevant agreements and the application status of your nominated students; nominated, applied, admission granted, withdrawn etc.. You may also upload further documents for each student.

Questions? If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Application process for students

The nominated students will be sent an e-mail which contains a link to the University of Oslo online application service ("Søknadsweb") and instructions on how to complete the application there. The students must complete the application online before:

  • 15 October for studies starting in the spring semester (January - June or January - December).
  • 1 May for studies starting in the the autumn semester (August - December or August - June).

Letters of admission will be sent out from the middle of October for the Spring semester and from the middle of May for the Autumn semester.

For further information about the application service for students, please see How to apply in the UiO online application service

Please note that exchange students on the PhD level will not be given student status at the University of Oslo, but are treated as guest researchers. These students will not receive the regular admission letter but must contact their host department for practical follow up.

Contact us

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Educational Quality Office at

If you are one of UiO's partner institutions, and plan to nominate students to UiO but have not received a username, you may contact us at Please send us your name and university e-mail address and specify which agreement(s) (or field of study/subject area) you are responsible for.

Fact Sheet - Erasmus Partner Universities 2020-2021 (pdf)

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