Admission for Erasmus+ students

Students from universities which have an Erasmus+ agreement with University of Oslo (UiO) may spend one or two semesters at UiO as part of their studies.

Erasmus+ students must be nominated by their university and may take courses across faculties and departments, depending on their background. Inquiries about Erasmus+ placements must be made directly to the relevant department at UiO.

How to apply

Please contact your university's Erasmus coordinator or international office to find out if you are eligible for exchange to the University of Oslo. You must apply through your home university and the procedures and deadlines will vary according to each institution.


The application must be completed in the University of Oslo online application service "Søknadsweb" before:

  • 1 May for the autumn semester (August - December)
  • 15 October for the spring semester (January - June)

Letters of admission will be available online for students with complete applications in early May for the autumn semester and in late October for the spring semester.

Erasmus+  Learning Agreement

Erasmus+ students must fill out the Erasmus+ Learning Agreement (LA) for studies.

The University of Oslo uses the Online Learning Agreement (OLA). Students must register the correct email address for the faculty contact point in the OLA. See list of responsible persons and correct email addresses for each faculty.

Until further notice it is also possible to use the paper version of the agreement:

The Learning Agreement is not required as a part of the application to UiO. Students who do not upload the LA with their online application may submit it to their faculty when the semester starts.

See website about Learning Agreements for more information.

Erasmus Free movers

The University of Oslo does not admit Erasmus+ Free Movers.

Students on PhD level

Please note that exchange students on the PhD level will not be given student status at the University of Oslo, but are treated as guest researchers. These students will not receive the regular admission letter but must contact their host department for academic and practical follow up.

Courses in English

Erasmus+ students may choose from a wide range of courses offered in English.

The course descriptions give detailed information about each course, course content, when it's taught etc. The list is updated for the coming semester in late November/mid-May.

Erasmus+ students who wish to follow courses that are not included in the agreement they apply through, must ensure that their home institution will recognize such courses as part of their degree.

For questions concerning courses offered in other foreign languages than English, please see the list of courses taught in Norwegian, or contact the relevant faculty.

English proficiency requirement and documentation

Erasmus+ students to the University of Oslo do not need to document English language proficiency with tests such as IELTS or TOEFL.

We do however strongly recommend that students have a good command of English – a minimum of level B2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) – in order to follow courses taught in English.

The University of Oslo expects that all nominated Erasmus+ students have been evaluated according to the CEFR framework at their home institution. Please contact the Erasmus coordinator at your home institution if you have questions about requirements on the agreement in question.

Norwegian language courses

Erasmus students at the University of Oslo may apply for Norwegian Language Courses on foundation and advanced level:

  • Norwegian Language Courses at the Department of Linguistics and Scandinavian Studies. The credit value of these courses may be incorporated into a degree, if the courses are recognized by your home institution.
  • Intensive Norwegian Language Courses offered in the summer through the International Summer School (ISS) at the University of Oslo. For further information, see The International Summer School (ISS)
  • Free online, four-week, introductory foreign language course: Introduction to Norwegian (MOOC)

Erasmus+ traineeships

Erasmus+ traineeship students who are not nominated online must send the signed Learning Agreement and the transcript of records to their host faculty or department, preferably before the deadline for applications: 1 May / 15 October.

Inquiries about traineeships must be made directly to the relevant department at UiO, preferably by the student's home institution.

The international office or Erasmus+ coordinator must contact their partner department at UiO well in advance of the planned internship. If the department agrees to host you for an internship, an individual work plan (Learning Agreement for Traineeship) must be made:

UiO does not offer many opportunities for traineeships/internships for incoming Erasmus+ students, and students from partner universities with existing Erasmus+ agreements are prioritized.

We do not have information about available traineeships in the central admissions office.

Student housing, arrival and orientation

Student housing should be booked before 1 June for the autumn semester and 1 November for the spring semester. Students must apply before the deadlines to be prioritized for housing in one of the SiO student residences.

See website about student housing for details.

Erasmus+ students should arrive in Oslo the week before the start of the lectures to ensure that they will be present for the orientation for new students.

See also Academic Calendar.

Contact information

For questions regarding courses and other academic matters, please contact the department or faculty with which your institution has an agreement.

See contact information under registration and documents for exchange students.

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