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Completion of the Master's Degree Programme = Submission of thesis + final exam. Below you will find useful information about completion of the programme.

Deadline for submission of thesis:

The deadline for submission of the thesis is set in your approved study plan agreement . Normally this will be around 1 June while the final exam will be held in the second half of June.

Submission of thesis:

The Master's thesis is to be submitted as a digital copy to DUO (Digital publicatons at UiO) via StudentWeb within the deadline in your approved study plan agreement:

In DUO you will be asked if you wish to publish the thesis in full or only the abstract. Whatever you choose, you will have to submit the thesis in full. The thesis/abstract will be published in DUO 3-4 months after assessment.

After submission, you will receive an e-mail from the programme coordinator with at confirmation that the thesis has been submitted within deadline. The thesis will be be distributed to the Head of the local programme board, supervisor(s) and assessors.

Printed copy of the thesis?

A printed copy of your thesis is not required, but if you want printed copies, ITA will cover the expenses for up to 12 copies, where a total of 11 pages (including the front page) per copy can can be in colours. Additional colour pages will be at your own expense. Printing is carried out by Reprosentralen and the preferred format is PDF. Keep in mind that if you print your thesis, you still have to submit a digital copy to DUO within submission deadline.

If you want printed copies:

  • Contact or send an e-mail to the student administration at ITA. The study administration will send a requisition for printing to Reprosentralen, with a copy of the e-mail to you.
  • Go to this web page and select the blue button named UiO under Purchase (top right corner). You will find information about number of copies, number of colour pages etc. in the e-mail to Reprosentralen from the study administration at ITA.
  • Expect 5-6 working days for printing.
  • You will receive an e-mail from Reprosentralen when the thesis has been printed. You can collect the copies and distribute them as you like.

The final exam:

The final exam = presentation of the Master's thesis + oral examination. Between the presentation and the examination there will be a break of at least 30 minutes. The study administration will publish the presentation online and put up announcements on information boards in the Astrophysics building. Social media can also be used for this purpose.

Presentation of the Master's thesis:

  • Is a public presentation of your thesis.
  • The presentation is held in the auditorium (room 209).
  • Duration: 30 minutes.
  • There will be no questions/discussion after the presentation.

Pause (of at least 30 minutes)

Oral examination:

  • Only supervisor(s) and assessors will be present.
  • The supervisor(s) will not be part of the grading of the exam, but will inform the assessors about the work and cooperation with the student.
  • The examination will be held in room 303 and should not exceed 60 minutes.
  • After the examination you will have to wait while the assessors agree on your final grade. It will be presented to you, with an explanation of the result, shortly after the examination.

Explanation for the grade awarded:

When you receive your grade, you will also receive an explanation.


If you wish to appeal, only the thesis will be re-assessed, not your presentation/examination.

What will be assessed?

If you are curious about how Master's theses are assessed, you can take a look at the description of grades and the guidelines for assessors and supervisors.

Graduation ceremony?

If you wish you can have an informal ceremony right after completing the final exam. This will usually be held in the student basement the same day as the final exam. There is no formal graduation ceremony for graduating Master's students at ITA. However, we have a small ceremony during one of our Friday Mingle's once the MN Faculty has produced  your diploma. If you are not able to attend.

Confirmation letter and the diploma

Right after your final exam, you will not receive your diploma right away but a confirmation letter stating that you have successfully completed the Master's Degree Programme. It will take the MN Faculty up to four weeks to produce your final diploma. The diploma will be sent to the department and you will receive an e-mail that you can take part in the informal graduation ceremony and receive your diploma, you can collect it from the student administratrion or have it sent to you by (registered) regular mail.






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