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Both start-up and corporate entrepreneurship

During your studies, you will both work on your own start-up project at StartupLab, and take the lead in an innovation project for Telenor, EVRY, Schibsted or DNV GL. 

The MSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management programme is designed to give you the skills to operate in both a start-up and a corporate environment. The learning is through real-world experiences.

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Start a company from scratch

After an introductory first semester, your second semester will give you hands-on experience with starting your own company with a team.

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Students work with a start-up project at StartupLab. Foto: UiO

Supported by academic courses, students organized in teams will develop a start-up project from scratch. The teams are co-located in StartupLab, a local incubator with many other start-up companies.

While some teams work on finding the business potential for a new company, others use the opportunity to take their projects to the next level and actually start one.

Work on real innovation challenges for a corporation

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Students spend a semester working on an actual innovation project for a corporation. Photo: Unsplash.

In the third semester of the MSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation management, you will apply what you have learned from the start-up environment to the corporate arena. Supported by academic courses, students organized in teams will carry out an innovation project for one of our partners: Telenor, EVRY, Schibsted or DNV GL

- Through this collaboration, we gain access to projects of high quality and relevance, and students get to experience the culture of innovation within large organizations that represent attractive potential employers, says Jens Petter Falck, associate professor and Chairman of the programme council for the MSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation management.

Read about our partners and the students from 2019:

The MSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management covers both start-up and corporate entrepreneurship

Although the start-up environment and the corporate environment are very different, the fundamental skills and knowhow you need to master as a successful entrepreneur are fundamentally the same, both practically and psychologically.

Moreover, your motivation may change over time. While starting a company from scratch may appear as a frightening endeavour at first, as you gain experience from the corporate sector, you may develop a desire to one day found your own firm and becoming your own boss.

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