Programme structure

From 2013, there will be no study options, but you can choose between specializations:

  • Distributed systems
  • Logic
  • Software

The programme option Distributed Systems offers both a 60 credits thesis and a 30 credits theiss.

Choice of thesis and curriculum (60 or 30 ECTS) is made in accordance with the supervisor.

Relevant courses for Distributed systems

Autumn courses

INF5040 – Open distributed processing (continued)

INF5063 – Programming heterogeneous multi-core architectures (continued)

INF5071 – Performance in distributed systems (discontinued)

INF5910CPS – Cyber physical systems (discontinued)

INF4151 – Operating systems (continued)

INF5100 – Advanced database systems (continued)

INF4130 – Algoritmer: Design og effektivitet (discontinued)

INF4140 – Models of concurrency (continued)

INF5130 – Selected topics of rewriting logic (continued)

INF5160 – Databehandlingsseminar (discontinued)

INF5800 – Topics in Logic (discontinued)

INF5810 – Modallogikk (discontinued)

Spring courses

INF5050 – Protocols and routing in the internet (continued)

INF5360 – Seminar on dependable and adaptive distributed systems (discontinued)

INF5370 – Distributed technologies for social networks (discontinued)

INF5090 – The Future Internet Protocols (continued)

INF5110 – Kompilatorteknikk

INF5120 – Model Based System Development (discontinued)

INF5510 – Distributed objects (continued)

INF5140 – Specification and verification of parallel systems (continued)

INF5906 – Selected topics in static analysis (continued)

INF5170 – Master seminar in logic (discontinued)

INF5390 – Kunstig intelligens (discontinued)



List of all courses offered at the Department of Informatics

Long master thesis

4. semester Thesis work
3. semester Master courses Thesis work
2. semester Master courses Thesis work
1. semester Master courses
  10 ECTS credits 10 ECTS credits 10 ECTS credits

Short master thesis

4. semester Thesis
3. semester Master courses
2. semester Master courses
1. semester Master courses
  10 ECTS credits 10 ECTS credits 10 ECTS credits


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