Application process for Bachelor's and Master's courses

When to apply

  • The Application Portal opens January 4
  • The application deadline is February 15

1. Academic requirements

Academic requirements are different for Master's and Bachelor's courses.

2. Fees

There is no fee for our digital courses (students must buy course books themselves). 

3. Choose courses

  • All Bachelor's and Master's courses will be offered as digital courses in 2022
  • Since the courses run at the same time, it is not possible to choose more than one course.

4. Technical and time requirements

  • Access to Internet
  • Computer with camera and microphone
  • Technical knowledge including ability to connect your computer/device to your Internet, ability to connect and use your camera and microphone in applications like Zoom, and ability to navigate websites and digital learning platforms that will be used for class. 
  • Time expectation: In addition to class hours, it is expected from all students that you use at least the same amount of time for readings and other school work as you spend in class. 

5. Gather documents

  • Gather all the required documents, and upload them in the application portal within the application period. You must submit all documents before the application deadline, or your application will not be considered.
  • All documents must be uploaded to the application portal if we do not specifically ask for documents sent directly from the issuing institution.

  • You can log in to the portal multiple times to upload documents, before the given deadline. 
  • If you need instructions on how to upload your documents, please read our guidelines for uploading documents.

Apply Online (closed)

It is still possible to log on to submit documents and check the results.

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Admission process for Bachelor's courses:

All applicants who meet the admission requirements by the given deadline will receive an offer. 

Admission process for Master's courses: 

An admissions committee will further evaluate all applicants who meet the formal admission requirements. The admissions committee aims to select a diverse student group with a widespread geographical distribution and gender balance.

The committee selects students based on the following criteria: statement of purpose, letter of recommendation, and professional experience.

7. Get your application result

We will begin sending out admission letters by email in late March.

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