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RITMO is an interdisciplinary research centre focusing on rhythm as a structuring mechanism for the temporal dimensions of human life. 

Why research rhythm?

Rhythm is everywhere, from how we walk, talk, dance and play, to telling stories about our past and even predicting the future - rhythm is key to how we interact with our world.

Heart, body and mind

Our heartbeat, nervous system, and other bodily cycles all work through rhythm. As such, rhythm is a key aspect of human action and perception, and it is in complex interaction with the various cultural, biological and mechanical rhythms of the world. 

Here at RITMO, we research music, motion, audio-visual media and man-machine interaction to understand further these rhythmic phenomena and their complex relationships with the rhythms of our body and the brain. Our central idea is to establish a link between features of rhythmic phenomena in the world and within the (embodied) mind. The aim is to understand our ability to perceive rhythm and how this affects our actions and experiences.

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Center of Excellence in Research

SFF. Norwegian Centre of Excellence. The Resarch Council of Norway. That it says. Logo.


A collaboration between

UiO. Department of Musicology. University of Oslo. That it says. Logo.

UiO. Department of Informatics. University of Oslo. That it says. Logo.

UiO. Department of Psychology. University of Oslo. That it says. Logo.

Vision and objectives

The vision behind RITMO is to expand our understanding of rhythm as a fundamental property of human life. We aim to:

  • Provide a comprehensive and interdisciplinary understanding of the perceptual and cognitive mechanisms underlying the human capacity to execute and experience rhythm.
  • Generate new insights into rhythmic structures and features of music, human bodily motion and audiovisual media.
  • Establish a link between the basic structures and features of rhythmic phenomena in the world and within the (embodied) mind.
  • Develop new theoretical frameworks for exploring the complexity of rhythmic processes in human life across disciplines.

Working at RITMO

All RITMO researchers are co-located and work in a unique interdisciplinary constellation, with world-leading competence in musicology, psychology, and informatics. Researchers have access to state-of-the-art facilities in sound/video recording, motion capture, eye tracking, physiological measurements, various types of brain imaging (EEG, fMRI), and rapid prototyping and robotics laboratories. 

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