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This course will offer a cross-disciplinary exploration of aspects of the society, history and literature of Northern Ireland. The content will have a principal emphasis on the period following partition (during which the province has existed as a distinct entity), but it will also include some consideration of the region’s more extended history and of the specific roles of the cities of Belfast and Derry. Attention will be paid to the Troubles and peace process, as well as to questions of place and identity. The course will involve discussion of multiple forms and genres of writing, including journalism, historiography, prose fiction, poetry and drama.

Learning outcome

After completing this course, students will have:

  • gained an overview of Northern Irish history, including the modern conflict in Northern Ireland since 1968 (the “Troubles”) and the attempts which have been made to resolve it
  • engaged with a range of literary sources emerging from the region  (including examples of poetry, prose and drama), and practised interpreting these in relation to their immediate and/or wider contexts
  • learned to identify a topic for investigation, and to analyse central cultural and historical questions relating to Northern Ireland


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