Semesterside for FYS3150 - Høst 2021


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Hi all,

As mentioned last week, our course has been selected for review this semester. What this means is that we need to have a short review meeting where we talk about what aspects of the course worked fine and what aspects should be improved. So we are looking for 2-3 students who can join this meeting. The others joining the meeting will be me, the group teachers, plus one representative from Fysisk Fagutvalg.

Gianmarco has already kindly volunteered to join as one of the students, but we still need 1-2 more students.

We're aiming to have the meeting on Friday December 17, and it will be possible to join via Zoom. (Most of us will probably be on Zoom anyway.)

So if you have time and would be willing to join a short meeting to share your thoughts, please just send me an email. We'd really appreciate your help with this. :)

Also, if you cannot vol...

10. des. 2021 16:54

Hi all,
Due to the new Covid-19 recommendations and the fact that our usual rooms are booked for exams, we will only have digital lab sessions this last week.

We'll use the same Zoom link as before -- you can find the link in the schedule page for lab 4.

We aim to keep the digital lab open throughout the usual time slot, i.e. 10:00--16:00 Thursday and 10:00--14:00 Friday, though the number of available teachers might vary a bit.

Good luck to all with finishing project 5!

8. des. 2021 16:34

Hi all,
A few messages regarding project 5:

  • We have decided to extend the deadline to Wednesday December 15, since you have had a bit shorter time for this project compared to projects 3 and 4. This means we will have to be very restrictive in granting any extensions beyond this deadline, to avoid delaying the grading work.
  • The project page has been updated with all the details (simulation settings, initial state, etc.) needed to complete the project. Note also the various hints/suggestions in the "Note" boxes.
  • The recordings from last week's lectures are available via the Schedule page and the lecture notes have been added to the git repository.
  • Tomorrow morning (Thursday December 2) is the last lecture of the course, but we will keep the lab sessions open both this week and next week to help you with ...
1. des. 2021 09:56