Dette emnet er erstattet av GEO3515 – Fjernanalyse.

Semesterside for GEG2240 - Høst 2010

First lecture: Thursday, 9 Sept., 8:15-14:00, AudIII(113)

5. sep. 2010 23:58


!!! Due to sabbatical of the teacher, teaching in GEG2240 can only be performed in an intensive form: 4 days of 6 hour teaching each.

Lab exercises are conducted weekly as usual. First date will be announce later.

!!! The FIRST TIME of teaching will NOT be on 26. Aug or 2. Sept due to excursions. The date of the first and the other lectures will be fixed after the below survey.

In order to find out how to best extend the Thursday teaching times of GEG2240 to four 6-hour blocks, please fill out this survey:

Please fill out the survey until 25 August

After we finish this survey, you will get another survey about which 4 dates of teaching are best for you.

Andy Kääb

23. aug. 2010 18:11