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BIO2110 is given in Autumn 2008 for the last time. A new subject is under construction and will be given a new name.

The course gives knowledge through practical research experiments and literature studies about advanced ecological topics and research methods

Learning outcome

The objective is to train the students in planning and executing biological experiments in a vide range of ecological and laboratory settings. The students will learn ecological methods, and the backgrounds for the methods. During the course students will gain experience in presenting and test hypotheses, identify background conditions, and to do quantitative observations. In groups the student will carry out a research project in cooperation with teachers from the institute.


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Formal prerequisite knowledge

In addition to fulfilling the Higher Education Entrance Qualification, applicants have to meet the following special admission requirements:

  • Mathematics R1 (or Mathematics S1 and S2) + R2

And in addition one of these:

  • Physics (1+2)
  • Chemistry (1+2)
  • Biology (1+2)
  • Information technology (1+2)
  • Geosciences (1+2)
  • Technology and theories of research (1+2)

The special admission requirements may also be covered by equivalent studies from Norwegian upper secondary school or by other equivalent studies (in Norwegian).

Recommended previous knowledge

BIO1000 – Elementary Biology (discontinued), BIO1200 – Biodiversity (discontinued), BIO2100 – General Ecology (continued), STK1000 – Introduction to Applied Statistics og KJM1001 – Introduction to chemistry (continued).

Overlapping courses

10 credits overlap with BIOS3000 – Design and analysis of biological studies

3 credit points with BIO210B.


The course will be given as obligatory research projects, writing an obligatory essay. The course comprises obligatory lectures, obligatory tutorials and laboratory- exercises. The written reports from the laboratory exercises and participation in the seminars have to be approved.

There will be classes during mid-termweek.


The students have to deliver obligatory written assignments that will be graded. The assignments has to be passed for the whole course to be passed. One of the assignments have to be presented orally in a seminar. You also have to be present at the lectures to pass the course. The course is graded with pass/not pass.

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Grading scale

Grades are awarded on a pass/fail scale. Read more about the grading system.

Gunnar Austrheim is the external auditor for this course in the period autumn term 2004 to spring term 2007.


The course is subject to continuous evaluation. At regular intervals we also ask students to participate in a more comprehensive evaluation.

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Every autumn

BIO2110 is given in Autumn 2008 for the last time. A new subject is under construction and will be given a new name.

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