IN2080 – Computability and Complexity

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In this course you will learn about the relationships between different calculation models, formal languages, their limitations and complexity.

Learning outcome

After finishing IN2080, you´ll:

  • understand the calculation models: final vending machines, pushdown vending machines and turing machines
  • be able to explain the connection between the machines/turing machines and the different language classes and translate between equivalent models
  • be able to explain the limitations of language and model classes
  • be able to provide a formal definition for important terms, such as "algorithm"
  • understand the complexity classes L, NL, P, NP and PSPACE

Admission to the course

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Special admission requirements

In addition to fulfilling the Higher Education Entrance Qualification, applicants have to meet the following special admission requirements:

  • Mathematics R1 or Mathematics (S1+S2)

The special admission requirements may also be covered by equivalent studies from Norwegian upper secondary school or by other equivalent studies. Read more about special admission requirements (in Norwegian).

Formal prerequisite knowledge

The course presuppose IN1150 – Logical Methods/INF1080 – Logical Methods for Computer Science (continued)

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4 hours of lectures and 2 hours of group execises each week. The submission of mandatory assignments is compulsory. Read more about requirements for assignment of assignments, group work and legal cooperation under guidelines for mandatory assignments.


4 hours final written digital exam. All mandatory assignments must be passed to be allowed to take the exam.

Examination support material

No examination support material is allowed.

Grading scale

Grades are awarded on a scale from A to F, where A is the best grade and F is a fail. Read more about the grading system.

Resit an examination

Students who can document a valid reason for absence from the regular examination are offered a postponed examination at the beginning of the next semester.

Re-scheduled examinations are not offered to students who withdraw during, or did not pass the original examination.

Special examination arrangements, use of sources, explanations and appeals

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