Exam information and signing up

We are now getting nearer to the exam, so here are some information.

The exam is an individual oral exam without preparation. The exam will be about 30 minutes including all the formalities. You examination will be based on one of a number of predefined questions, but you can get questions in all parts of the curriculum.

Specifically, an examination will proceed as follows:

  • You enter the room and draw a question at random
  • First half (10 - 15 minutes) you present your understanding of the question, which can lead to possible continuously interesting discussions.
  • Second half we ask you other question about the material, which again can leading to possibly other interesting discussions.
  • Finally, Petter and Michael will agree on a grade.

The above can sound scary, but don't worry.

We will make all the questions available to you about 2-3 weeks before the exam. The questions will be partly general, partly specific and cover all parts of the curriculum.

This means that you can beforehand prepare for all questions. You can plan what to say, what is important for that question/topic and to what detail you will go into. Note that you will spend less than 15 minutes for the question, so limit what you would like to say. You can consult note you have taken.

Given that the questions will cover all parts of course, you can already now start to note what is relevant for each topic.

Remember, we are just interested in learning how much you have learned from the course. If you at a point think that we are starting to ask tough questions, it likely just means that we satisfied so far and would like to know more about you detailed understanding. Basically, we will try to make you perform better.

Signing up for the exam
Your exam will on either of the following two days: Dec 9 and 14. I have heard from administration a common way to sign up is using a Doodle. In this you:

  • Write your UiO username as name.
  • Choose the days that fits you. I know that there are some students that are limited by other exams, so be truthful. Don't restrict based on preference.
  • You can choose the option "Yes, if need be", to indicate a preference between the two.
  • Deadline is November 17 at 13:00. After this you will be assigned a random day of the two.
  • The poll is secret, so only I know your answer.

Thus use the following:

Official list will be made available shortly after the deadline.

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