Semesterside for IN3130 - Høst 2021

Dear all,

The TA positions at IFI have now been announced. There are two positions for IN3130 which are spilt as a class-TA and correcter-TA; if the applicants are interested, I will however suggest that they are split so both TAs do half of each.

As a TA, you are not expected to understand the material, but not to know all details. We will support you in doing a good job. 

Next year, the course will again be taught by Petter and I. We have a plan to change the lecture material, but the content of the course will be more or less the same.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact me.



7. apr. 2022 14:26

Question 5 for the exam had a small error. It asked about undecidability but should instead be:

What is characteristic for the problems we show to be NP-complete?

Has been corrected.

26. nov. 2021 15:08

You can start with this first half, the other will follow shortly.

24. nov. 2021 08:57