Exam information

There have been some confusion about the exam, as there are different information given depending on where you look.

I have talked with the administration and it is, as always, caused by the Corona situation. This means that the exams this semester has already been changed to ensure that it does not violate any possible future distance requirements. Specifically, that have given us (the teachers) two options as written on this semesters course page. I will as soon as possible agree with Petter about which choice is the best. As I understand last year it was an oral exam.

When you signs up for the exam you are presented with a choice: oral or written-at-home. You can choose either and it will not have an effect. This is only a side-effect of the administrative representation. No matter what you choose, you will get the examination that we choose.

About the dates of the exam. We fix these later and avoid overlap with your other exams. I'm thinking that there will be a Doodle...

Publisert 26. aug. 2021 09:15 - Sist endret 26. aug. 2021 09:15