There is still not hired a TA for the course and the out-view is bleak. So we will have to do with an ad-hoc solution.

Thus, so far, I will be present for exercises every second Friday when I'm in Oslo. These will be used for collecting on the exercises for the two previous weeks. I will try to organise the lectures, so there is a good topics overlap between these two week. I have also asked the administration to extend the room reservations these days.

For the other weeks the exercises will be cancelled.

This exercises are cancelled on Friday Aug 27. But expect to have longer exercises the following Friday Sep 3, where we will work with Turing machines.

I am still working IT and administration to create the Mattermost channel, so we can use this for questions. However, this seems to be harder than one would expect.

Publisert 26. aug. 2021 09:24 - Sist endret 26. aug. 2021 09:24