Plenumsgruppe: oversikt

Her kommer innhold og ressurser relatert til plenumsgruppen i IN3230/4230.

Plenary sessions

Plenary 1: 30.08

Første plenumstime ble avholdt kl. 12:15, fredag 30. august i lille auditorium. Dette er samme sted som forelesningene.

Temaet var socket APIet. Les mer her: oppsummering av første plenumsgruppetime.

Plenary 2: 06.09

The theme for the second plenary was also about the socket API, this time focusing on raw sockets. Read more detailed notes on what we covered here.

We also gave a short presentation of the mandatory assignment, including a demo of how to use the UH-IaaS cloud platform and mininet.

Further, we had hoped to explore input/output multiplexing using the select and poll system calls, but there was not enough time. Catch next week's group sessions for more on that topic, which will also be reviewed in the next plenary session.

Plenary 3: 13.09

In the third week, we delved into I/O multiplexing, or how to listen to one voice at a time without forgetting anyone. See the notes here.