Semesterside for INF3110 - Høst 2019

Hi all,

The grading of the exam will be out during the next week.

Happy holidays to all!

21. des. 2019 06:31

For the first exercise set on Prolog, the solutions were incomplete. I've added an additional file with a suggestion on how to solve the remaining questions. Thanks for letting us know!



27. nov. 2019 14:17

We have gotten a few requests for the exam from 2018, you can find it here. Please note that the format is kind of clunky, due to the way that Inspera formats PDF files of online exams. In particular, note that some tasks seemingly don't have any real questions; these can be found attached at the end of the document.

25. nov. 2019 15:04


There will not be time for a mandatory exercise in Prolog, but there is a task that you can solve, and get feedback in the group session with Gaute. It would probably be a very good idea to try to solve this exercise before the exam.

Contact your group teacher if you have questions.


Good luck!


7. nov. 2019 12:58

In Oblig 2 [PDF], you'll explore how to solve the robot task in a functional way. Again, design the data structures, and implement the necessary operations.


Deadline: Nov 4th, 23:59

14. okt. 2019 10:44

Apologies for not publishing the recording yet -- it's still on somebody else's computer in the cloud (because somehow the desktop uses an older software version than what the rest of the machines use, or something), and I hope Drift can help me get it out of there.


Have a nice weekend!


20. sep. 2019 17:40

There were some errors in first original version of the published mandatory exercise; please use this version instead.

9. sep. 2019 11:31

The first mandatory exercise is now available. The deadline is September 27th. Talk to your group teacher if you have questions.

Good luck!

6. sep. 2019 13:10