Semesterside for KJM3000 - Vår 2015

I have to stay at home with a sick child, so today's class is postponed to Friday.



20. mai 2015 09:42

The class on Friday 15-5 is postponed to Wednesday 20-15 and at the end the Wednesday class there will be an opening for exam-related questions.



13. mai 2015 14:26

Previous exams with solutions are now posted. Work your way through as many as possible. Don't look at the solution until you have tried to solve the problems first.  

4. mai 2015 09:44

IR lectures will take place on Wednesday and Friday next week. Problemset on UV and IR will take place right after Easter.



20. mars 2015 12:34

Problemset 3-4 has been posted. The focus is structure elucidation based on 1H and 13C-NMR.


13. feb. 2015 08:51

Problem set 1 is posted. The focus of the tasks are predictions of chemical shift-values. The deadline for handing in the problemset for approval is one week after the scheduled class (week 8, see progressplan).

29. jan. 2015 08:55