Semesterside for KJM5120 - Vår 2020


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The exam in KJM5120/9120 Defects and reactions was originally announced to be held on May 13. and 14. as oral exams.

Due to corona, it will be held as oral exams online over Zoom on the same days. The time table will be agreed on with you and posted in advance, and you will receive Zoom invitations. 

You will get 3-4 tasks or themes to solve, explain, or discuss.

KJM5120 (master level) may be expected know concepts of Ch. 7, while KJM9120 (PhD level) are expected to know Ch. 7 in depth. The grade scale is only Fail or Pass. Note that the level required to Pass on KJM9120 (PhD) is considerably higher than for KJM5120 (Master).

We recommend to have pen or pencil and blank paper available.  

We will give example of at least one exam set and practice its format during at least one of the last lectures.

18. apr. 2020 11:06