KJM1040 – Physical and analytical chemistry I

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Course content

Basic thermodynamical concepts, chemical equilibrium, phase equilibria and phase diagrams, gases and liquids, solutions and electrolyte solutions, potensiometry, classical analytical methods, quality assurance of measurements and instrumentation, statistical treatment of measured data.

Learning outcome

The student will achieve knowledge on fundamental chemical thermodynamics and on how to use this in experimental and theoretical work with chemical systems. The student is supposed to acquire laboratory skills to work independently with fundamental techniques and to gain knowledge on principles behind and construction of the instruments used.


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Formal prerequisite knowledge

KJM1010 – Kjemiske prinsipper og strukturer (discontinued) or KJM1021 – Kjemisk struktur og reaktivitet (discontinued) and an approved laboratory course in KJM1020 – Organisk kjemi I (discontinued).

Recommended previous knowledge

KJM1020 – Organisk kjemi I (discontinued) or KJM1011 – Organic Chemistry 1 (discontinued) and a 10 study point course in mathematics.


The course consists of 50 hours lectures, 50 hours exercises and a compulsory 30 hours laboratory course. The laboratory course and the 6 compulsory exercises (which are handed in together with the laboratory reports), have to be approved in order to obtain admittance to the final exam.


A 2 hour mid-term exam with letter score, makes up 20% of the final score. A final written exam (3 hours in June) makes up 80% of the final score. Allowed aids : The students may use up to two A4 pages which they have filled out themselves for use at the exam, and a calculator. Letter score.


The approval of the compulsory exercises is vaid in 5 semesters.

The laboratory course is valid in 5 semesters after it was taken.

Facts about this course




This course was held for the last time Spring 2007. Together with KJM1050 - Physical and analytical chemistry II, it will be replaced by KJM2400 - Analytical chemistry (from Spring 2008) and KJM1130 - Physical chemistry (from Fall 2008).


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