Semesterside for MAT4520 - Vår 2007

On Wednesday 16.05 we shall start reviewing the early parts of Spivak. I am open for suggestions; but one possibility is tangent vectors, vector bundles and flows, + a little more about foliations. The lecture on Friday 18.05 is cancelled! The revewing continues on Wednesday 23.05 and Friday 25.05.

14. mai 2007 17:13

Wednesday 09.05 we covered the rest of Spivak Ch VIII, and shall not introduce any new material.On Friday 11.05 , we shall solve Ma 252-exam '99, problem nr.2, and go on reviewing integral manifolds and foliations.

10. mai 2007 15:21

In the lecture on Wednesday 02.04 we covered Ch.VIII Spivak up to 13. Theorem on p. 277. On Friday 04.05 we shall solve the Ma 252 problems '99 nr. 3 and '00 nr. 2 (related to the notion of degree), and also '97, nr.2 if we have time. In the next 2 weeks, we shall finish Ch. VIII, and maybe give a brief outline of Ch.XI. Then we shall review the material we have covered.

3. mai 2007 15:57