PSY9250 – Qualitative Research Methodology

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This course in Qualitative Research Methodology combines theoretical readings, reflections and exercises. Improving qualitative craftsmanship requires hands-on practice and thick descriptions. The first day we go over key concepts in qualitative methods, including discussions on research design, quality criteria in qualitative approaches, and how to demonstrate trustworthiness. The participants introduce themselves and their projects, and experiences and challenges of doing qualitative research in their own project. The second and third day we elaborate the meanings of the concepts and methods presented the first day thought practical examples related to the participants’ data collection. The course also sets aside time to get practical with data analysis. Throughout the process we relate the discussions to the PhD candidates’ on-going or planned projects, with different exercises and group discussions. 

Learning outcome

The PhD candidates will gain a deeper understanding of qualitative research approaches, including the art of interpretation and descriptions. They will be familiarized with hermeneutic processes and ethical challenges as well as different strategies for data collection and approaches for analysis. Through the work with the quality criteria, they will also develop the skills to evaluate methodological strengths and weaknesses with qualitative projects, and argue well for choices made in their own projects. Exercises and group discussions will enhance qualitative craftsmanship, as the course is set up to be relatively practical. The course should strengthen the students’ skills in critical reasoning and lines of argument related to qualitative methods.


PhD candidates at the Department of Psychology will be given priority, but it is also possible for others to apply for the course. Applicants must have at least a Master's degree.


Lectures, exercises and group discussions. Depending on the participants, the course will be taught in English or Norwegian.

This is an intensive course over three days, comprising a total of 21 hours (7 hours each day).


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PSY9250B = 1 credit point for course participation for the full three days (80% attendance is required). 

PSY9250 = 4 credit points

5 credit points for course participation for the full three days (80% attendance is required) and submitted paper on research design, including discussion of quality criteria for qualitative research (12-15 pages, Times New Roman 12, line spacing 1,5) based on the students’ own doctoral project or a discussion of selected course literature.

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Every autumn

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