SV9103 – Introduction to the PhD Programme

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The objective of the PhD programme at The Faculty of Social Sciences is to provide PhD candidates with a solid basis for independent research. This course gives an introduction to the PhD programme and includes aspects of the faculty’s research training such as

  • structure of the PhD programme
  • duties and regulations
  • guidelines on supervision
  • the PhD programme council
  • introduction to PhD career pathways
  • introduction on how to attract research funding

The course provides candidates with necessary information on the structure and regulations of the PhD programme.

In addition, the course adds to the other faculty PhD courses by focusing on career development; networking; how to explore various PhD career pathways; and how to identify the range of career choices in or outside of academia.

Succeeding in attracting research funding is a necessary skill for researchers. Access to research funding has become increasingly relevant for people working either in or outside of academia. The course provides insights on some of the opportunities that exist in getting research funded by the Research Council of Norway or the EU.

Learning outcome


Candidates will:

  • know where to find information about the PhD programme
  • get insights into various PhD career pathways
  • learn about how to prepare for a career in or outside academia
  • develop knowledge on the most relevant funding opportunities and their evaluation criteria
  • gain insight into important elements for the success of an application


The course is compulsory for all candidates on the PhD programme at the Faculty of Social Sciences.

PhD candidates must each semester register for classes and examinations through Studentweb.

The deadline for registering is February 1st for courses in the spring semester and September 1st for courses in the autumn semester.

This course is only available for candidates admitted to the PhD programme at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Oslo.



Compulsory activities

  • 100 % attendance




The course is subject to continuous evaluation. At regular intervals we also ask students to participate in a more comprehensive evaluation.

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