EDID4115 – Linguistic, cultural and literary approaches to teaching English

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Course content

The course gives you insight into how linguistic, cultural and literary themes can be taught in English as a school subject in Norwegian classrooms, based on theory and analyses of disciplinary themes on the one hand, and video-filmed observations of English lessons in Norwegian secondary classrooms on the other. You will get the opportunity to explore how linguistic, cultural and literary themes might be translated into English teaching. Collective workshops, individual study, and teaching practice will form a basis of the course.

Learning outcome

After completing the course, you should have acquired:

Knowledge about

  • the link between relevant theory, research, English discipline topics and English classroom teaching
  • the application of English discipline topics in the classroom
  • the application of cross-curricular themes in the English classroom

Skills to

  • analyse and discuss relevant theory and research related to discipline approaches to teaching English
  • carry out systematic observations of English teaching practices using video observation data
  • apply discipline topics to classroom practice
  • apply cross-curricular topics to classroom practice
  • present experience from individual teaching practice of a discipline topic and/or a cross-curricular topic
  • present and/or write scientific reports on English teaching

Competence to

  • apply theory and research-based knowledge in the development of your English teaching practices


The course is obligatory for students who have admission to the specialization in English in Lektorprogrammet (UVM5-LEP). Admission to the specialization in English is required, and students have to be enrolled for the course to attend classes and practice.


Formal prerequisite knowledge

PROF1015 – Profesjonsidentitet, læring og undervisning, PROF3025 – Ledelse av elevers læring og PROF4045 – Tilrettelegging for elevers læring and admission to the specialization in English. 


Seminars and practice

There are compulsory seminars with student activities such as academic discussions and oral presentations. Students are expected to meet prepared for teaching activities, and take responsibility for individual study of course reading. Participation in group discussions is a condition for developing a shared understanding of theory and research and acquiring the relevant competence to complete the course.

Course reading is set to approximately 500 pages.

The course includes 15 days of practice. Further instructions and information about practice is published on the semester page.

Compulsory components

  • 15 days of practice
  • 80% obligatory attendance in seminars
  • An oral presentation and feedback to an assigned student presentation

Teaching takes place at UiO and in practice schools in Oslo or Akershus. Please be aware that you might need to travel 1 hour to and from the practice school. Travel expenses related to teaching practice must be expected and will not be refunded.


The exam is an oral presentation (30 min). Further instructions and information about the exam is published on the semester page.

    Grading scale

    Grades are awarded on a scale from A to F, where A is the best grade and F is a fail. Read more about the grading system.

    Explanations and appeals

    Resit an examination


    The course is subject to continuous evaluation. At regular intervals we also ask students to participate in a more comprehensive evaluation.

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    Emnet tilbys for siste gang høsten 2020

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