UV9362 – Measuring teachers’ and students’ mathematical competence

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The aim of this PhD course is to study frameworks describing mathematical competence and how such competence is operationalized in research with the aim of measuring students’, teacher students’ or teachers’ mathematical competence.

Learning outcome

This three-day course will address how mathematical competence can be operationalized and measured. Several frameworks describing different aspects of mathematical competence will be presented and analyzed. Mathematical competence should be understood broadly, to include knowledge, skills, communication and the application of previously learned knowledge, in addition to beliefs and attitudes related to own competence. The focus will be on students’, teacher students’ and teachers’ mathematical competence, and how their competence is conceptually framed in mathematics education research.

Participants should become able to discuss how mathematical competence is operationalized in their own study, and relate, compare and contrast this to established, well-known frameworks.  In addition, participants are to situate their own study in the research field (mathematics education) and to identify possible contributions of this study. This includes identifying and discussing the strengths and limitations of their own study, and how students’, teacher students’ and/or teachers’ competence can be measured.


This course has been developed for PhD candidates affiliated with the Faculty of Educational Sciences (UV), but others may also apply to participate. As a minimum requirement, all participants must hold at least a Master's degree.

PhD candidates affiliated with the Faculty of Educational Sciences will be given priority and are to register through Studentweb.
Others may apply through the application form (autumn 2021).
Deadline for registering: October 1st, 2021. For questions regarding available spots, please contact course administrator.

Up to 20 participants.

Overlapping courses


Lectures will present issues related to measuring of students’, student teachers’ and teachers’ mathematical competence (please see tentative time schedule). In addition, timeslots are reserved for whole group discussions of emerging themes.

Participating PhD-candidates will be asked to give a presentation of their own study, focusing on how competence is operationalized and on issues related to the framework, operationalization and measurement of mathematical competence.

For more information please visit the current semester website.


Update concerning ECTS credits:

From January 2021 course versions with ECTS credits based on attendance only will no longer be available at the Faculty of Educational Sciences.


4 study credits: Participation and approved paper. 80% attendance is required.

All students should give a short presentation during the course, and act as reactors to a fellow student.

More information will be available in Canvas for course participants.


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Every other autumn starting 2017

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