AI lounge: Status of AI activities at UiO

This is the first event of the AI lounge at UiO. With the AI lounge we want to establish a meeting place for anyone interested in AI, machine learning, deep learning applied to data science in research and education. The setting of the AI lounge should be rather casual featuring different ways of interacting like talks, tutorials and discussions to foster exchange of knowledge about AI methods, research, technology, software; to start new collaborations, to get inspired, to learn what did work, and what didn't while applying AI methods, etc. We hope to attract a variety of people from students to PhDs and professors but also IT staff, developers and even external speakers.

A feedback to our workshop AI-based data-driven science in September was that participants would like to know what IT resources for AI are available at UiO. We would like to use the first AI lounge to present what we (mostly staff at USIT and UB) know about resources, ongoing activities, events, expertise, etc. and invite all participants to share what they know. We'll put all information on a web page which can be easily updated, so everyone interested in the topic has a good resource to start when searching for information.

Meeting place: Niels Henrik Abels hus, Realfagsbiblotekets undervisningsrom 209 (map)

Meeting time: November 20th, 2018; 15:00-16:00


Thomas Röblitz and Andrea Gasparini
Tags: AI, machine learning, deep learning, USIT, ITF, AI lounge
Published Nov. 6, 2018 8:32 PM - Last modified Nov. 6, 2018 9:21 PM