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Terminate a project in TSD

Projects in TSD have a fixed duration, specified by the project administrator in the TSD application form. Here are the policies that will be followed when a project comes to its end.

Termination of a Project

  • We will inform the project admin 30 days before the end of a project. In this period it is the responsibility of the project admin to export the data out from TSD. We strongly suggest that the data is encrypted before exporting.
  • If you want to extend the project, please apply for the extension to NSD/REK/Datatilsynet or Personvernombud, and let us know that you have applied for extension so that we can give you a temporarily access (30 days) to the project.
  • At the end date, the project will be put in quarantine and logon to the services will be closed for all users. All the machines will be shut down and the jobs running (if any) on Colossus will be killed. The backup services of the storage areas will be stopped the day after.
  • After 30 days, if the project has not been prolonged by the data protection authority, and if the documentation of the prolongation has not been sent to the TSD administration, the file system on the TSD disk and on the Colossus disk will be deleted and the hardware will be made available for other projects. The stand-still period (30 days) can be prolonged if the project admin verifies that a request for prolongation has been sent to the data protection authority.
  • The latest version of the backup will be stored in the backup system, and it will be available for 90 more days upon request from the project administrator. In the case of such a request, the project admin has to provide the proper legal clearance for accessing the data. After 90 days, all backup and electronic keys are deleted and the paper keys are destroyed, while the disk where the backup files have been stored, is overwritten.
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