Food & Paper: Sssh quiet – can't you see we're playing golf here!? The effect of auditory distractions on motor performance (Henrik Herrebrøden)

This week's Food & Paper will be given by Henrik Herrebrøden, PhD Fellow at RITMO, on the effect of auditory distractions on motor performance.

Henrik Herrebrøden

Foto: Fotograf Ingar Næss, StudioF2


Why do we have to be quiet while Roger F​ederer serves, or Tiger Woods sinks the final putt? Meanwhile, soccer players must shoot decisive shots while thousands of spectators do their best to disturb them. Have the golf or tennis community understood something important, in the sense that quiet conditions allow for better motor performance? Or is their preference just a matter of culture, in the sense that external distractions are rather harmless?

In this presentation I will briefly present findings from two studies, published in two separate articles, exploring the same research question: Are distractions detrimental to expert golfers' performance? There will be lots of time for discussion and interaction.


Henrik Herrebrøden is a PhD Fellow at RITMO. He graduated at the University of Bergen in 2016 to become a clinical psychologist. However, his main field of interest is experts' motor performance. He has worked with performers in various fields such as sports, dance, and music. He currently conducts research on cognitive mechanisms underlying rhythmical movements and performance. 

Published Jan. 15, 2021 11:59 AM - Last modified May 9, 2021 6:51 PM