IN5590 – Rapid Prototyping of Robotic Systems

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Course content

IN5590 provides an introduction to computer aided design (CAD), rapid prototyping (3D printing) and computer numerical control (CNC/CAM) of milling machines. The student will apply this knowledge to design, simulate, build and program a robotic/mechatronic system. A central part of the course is to carry out experiments and writing an essay/article describing the robotic system that the student has created.

Learning outcome

After completing this course you:

  • will have knowledge of, and be able to use, computer aided design (CAD), rapid prototyping (3D printing) and computer numerical control (CNC/CAM) to control milling machines;
  • will have experience with, and be able to design, simulate, build and program a robotic/mechatronic system;
  • are able to design and conduct experiments on a robotic system and documenting and discussing your work and choice of methods by writing an essay/article;
  • will have knowledge of safety issues in rapid prototyping techniques, how they may be dealt with, and the related Norwegian legislation;

Admission to the course

The maximum number of students in this course will be 16 due to lab facility limitations.

Ranking rules:

  1. Master´s students in the study programme Robotics and Intelligent Systems and PhD candidates who follow an individual education plan where this particular course is included
  2. Master´s students in the study programme Design, Use, Interaction
  3. Master´s students from other programmes

IN1080 – Mechatronics

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The course consist of

  • Lectures:
    • 2 hours/week. 80% attendance is mandatory
  • Supervised practical project work
    • 2 hours/week. Attendance is not mandatory

Mandatory attendance at the first lecture. Due to the significant amount of group exercises and in-class activities in this course, 80% attendance of the lectures is mandatory.


The course is project/essay based. All projects and the essay must be approved to get a pass grade.

It will also be counted as one of your three attempts to sit the exam for this course, if you sit the exam for one of the following courses: INF4500 - Rapid prototyping of robotic systems (continued)

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Grades are awarded on a pass/fail scale. Read more about the grading system.

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Norwegian (English on request)