Semesterside for INF3110 - Høst 2018

Elise Lystad from the Students Educational Committee at the Department of Informatics has asked me to remind you about the course evaluation.

You can access the survey by logging in here with your UiO username and password:

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26. nov. 2018 21:14

The final group lecture will mainly focus on the 2012 exam.

The 2012 exam can be found inside this zip-file:


25. nov. 2018 20:59

The group lecture this Wednesday will instead focus on

the prolog part from exam 2011 and the theory part from exam 2015



20. nov. 2018 02:35

The group lectures this week will focus on old exams, 

the theory part and the prolog part from 2016 to be specific.

You should probably look at the exam beforehand if you want to optimize your learning outcome from these group lectures. 

Also, all the weekly exercises and solutions are now available from the lecture schedule: schedule



18. nov. 2018 22:54

Part 1 (most relevant part): 

Question 3 (a,b,c) in Exam 2015

There is an error in 3c Exam2015. The 3 and 5 value in the heap should be switched, so that the heap is actually a heap.

There will be a detailed solution available after a week or so.

There will be a detailed solution available after a week or so.

Part 2 : 

Exercises combining some of the curriculum about types and subtypes from Eyvind's lectures with 
some SML stuff and of course Prolog.

Some of these exercises are probably a little hard and goes a bit outside the normal exam exercises for Prolog in this course.

Check out old exams to see the normal difficulty of prolog exercises on the exams.

Link : Prolog...

15. nov. 2018 00:57

Hi all,

I will not be able to deliver the class tomorrow.  We will finish up with ML on Nov. 9 and start Functional programming in Prolog then.

I am sorry for the short notice.


25. okt. 2018 22:07

Hi everyone,

In the last lecture, we talked about dynamic languages allowing things like runtime additon and removal of methods and properties, meta-object protocols and dynamic proxies. We had a short discussion about the potential usefulness of such features, and Kristian mentioned that this was being used by Netflix, for instance. Here are some interesting links:


API Adapter:

Background: ...

16. okt. 2018 13:36