Semesterside for UNIK4830 - Vår 2017

For those of you who are unable to attend the lectures in person, it is possible to attend the lectures via video conference (two-ways). You will need a video conference room, and enter the IP address for room 301, which is Room 1251 (Scheme) or room 3271 Blackbox at Ole Johan Dahls hus (Ifi, UiO) are possibilities for those on campus at Blindern, but any other conference rooms should be able to connect without problems.

There are also apps for connecting directly; try Polycom Realprecense, and contact us if you have any problems.

Live transfer (one-way) is also available through mms:// The recordings will be available after the lecture via this link: mms://, where MMDD must be replaced by the lecture date. This is done manually, so feel free to contact us ( if you cannot find the lecture you want. The streaming...

6. feb. 2017 22:03

Se tabellen for bussen til og fra UNIK-forelesninger her.


You can find the time table for the bus to UNIK lectures here.

15. jan. 2017 21:45