Hazards in KJM 5280.

You are exposed to high magnetic fields and other hazards in KJM 5280 and KJM 9280. You have to be aware of some health concerns in KJM 5280 and KJM 9280. 1. If you use a pacemaker to regulate the frequency of your heart or have a stent in your body you can regretfully not participate. If you earlier in life have been in a war zone and was exposed to exploding devices and still have iron shrapnel pieces in your body you can not participate. 2. The NMR-magnets can suddenly/violently stop being super conducting. Then the room is filled with nitrogen- and helium gas at high speed. Leave the room as fast as you can if this happens. 3. If a magnet slowly releases its nitrogen and/or helium content the oxygen content will fall below life sustaining levels and you might not observe this, except that you will fall asleep/faint and then die. Oxygen sensors will activate, while there is still enough oxygen for you to be conscious, and flashing lights and sounds will direct you to leave immediately. 4. ATM cards / credit cards will be deactivated if carried close to the magnets. Many clocks will likewise stop functioning. 5. You must never carry anything made of iron or other magnetic metal close to the magnets. It can be ripped out of your hands and you might be hurt and you can hurt or kill others and you might destroy the magnets. 

More safety information you ought to read is located at: https://www.mn.uio.no/kjemi/english/research/about/infrastructure/nmr/manuals/safety-and-tips-and-tricks/01-sop-for-entering-areas-containing-nmr-instrumentation.pdf

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