Learning goals in KJM 5280

The content in KJM 5280 contain the bare minimum of what you need to learn and deeply understand of NMR in order to be a successful Master student in organic chemistry and related topics. The main goal is to learn, understand and hopefully remember all of it as long as you are a master student. You ought to be able to use the knowledge, not only during the one hour mid term exam but also later in your life. You shall know how to successfully and safely operate nmr-spectrometers for real experiments.This is not a course where you superficially hear about a topic and then reproduce part of the content orally or in written form on an exam. You ought to MASTER the content of the course and to be able to use what you learn. The size of the course is 5 study point and this corresponds to approximately 100 working hours. 

Publisert 8. aug. 2021 16:52 - Sist endret 8. aug. 2021 16:52