Teachers are present to teach you the basics on NMR spectrometers on the following days.

Most years students have been working in pairs in the nmr laboratory.  This year some will work alone on a spectrometer and some in pairs, depending on what the students prefer to do in the current Corona situation.  Everyone will take a quick Coronatest (hurtigtest) before entering the lecture rooms (Ø 316 A and 316 B) and also before entering the nmr labs on all of the lab days/colloquia days.  

List of days for organized teaching in the nmr labs.
August 30., 31. and September 1.  Cristina A, Mathanarupy, Sahra and Jayn C. 4 nmr instruments in use 
September 3., 6. and 7.  Karl Stefan, Hannah (6th and 7th) and Mats.
September 8., 9. and 16.  Ryjoan, Sander and Aslak
September 20., 21. and 22.  Ingeborg, Kim and Atiqa. 
September 23., 24. and 27. Melchizedek, Emilie.
September 28., 29. and 30. Agnieszka.  

Student 1, 2 , 3 and so forth will be exchanged with real names. 
On these days you will have reserved a nmr-spectrometer from 10.00 to 15.00 in room Ø 338 (DPX 200, DPX 300, DRX 500, AVII 400, AVI 600 or AVII 600). Teachers will be available, but not present all the time. You will practice a lot on your own and run many experiments in the so called IconNmr automation mode on.  On the many regular working days not mentioned in the list above you are allowed to book time on the web form (or we will book time for you) and train on the instruments by yourself after the 3 first days with teachers present are completed. 

The instruction manuals are made for the instruments: DPX 200, DPX 300, and DRX 500. Other instruments have newer software which complicate matters a bit. 

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