KJM1050 – Physical and analytical chemistry II

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Course content

Kinetics, adsorption, catalysis, surface chemistry, polymers and colloids, diffusion, viscosity, chromatography, sample test, and sample treatment.

Learning outcome

The student should acquire knowledge about basic subjects in physical chemistry and be able to use this knowledge in practical work with chemical systems. The student should acquire individual laboratory skill in fundamental experimental techniques, and understand basic construction of the instruments that are used. The student should acquire skills in the project work with chemical problems.


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Overlapping courses

The course overlaps 2.5 credits against KJ133 and 5 credits against KJ143 / KJ243.


Lectures (23 hours), seminars (32 hours), and a compulsory laboratory course of 25 hours (5 exercises). A compulsory project task is dimensioned to 50 hours. 70% of the compulsory exercises have to be approved, and together with pass in the laboratory course and the project task, these are prerequisites for admittance to the final exam.


A mid-term exam with letter score, makes up 20% of the final score. Written exam at the end of the semester (3 hours), makes up 80% of the final score. Letter score.


The laboratory course is valid in 5 semesters after it was taken.

Facts about this course




Every autumn

This course is held for the last time Fall 2007. Together with KJM1040 - Physical and analytical chemistry I, it will be replaced by KJM2400 - Analytical chemistry (from Spring 2008) and KJM1130 Physical chemistry (from Fall 2008).


Every autumn

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