Changes in the course due to coronavirus

Autumn 2020 the exams of most courses at the MN Faculty will be conducted as digital home exams or oral exams, using the normal grading scale. The semester page for your course will be updated with any changes in the form of examination.

See general guidelines for examination at the MN Faculty autumn 2020.

Course content

Excursions and field work should always be conducted in a safe manner. This course provides you with information on how to do that when you are planning or going on an excursion or conducting field work.

Learning outcome

After completing the course you should have knowledge of:

  • What policies and procedures apply to fieldwork/excursions
  • What you are expected to contribute prior to and during field work/excursions
  • Which insurance schemes that are applicable/non-applicable
  • How to conduct risk assessments and how to use appropriate clothing, protective gear, and different communication aids
  • How to provide first aid in the field

Admission to the course

Emnet er obligatorisk for:

  • Studenter som skal ta ett eller flere emner som har HMS0504 som obligatorisk forkunnskapskrav.
  • Nye studenter på følgende masterprogrammer:


The course is an individual online course. The course is available on a smart phone, PC, Mac or tablet. You can access the online course here:

You need to be registered for the course and exam in Student Web to complete the online digital exam. You have to wait until the day after you registered for the course to take the test to get a pass.

Transitional Arrangements

From the spring semester 2021, transitional arrangements between old and new HSE courses will be discontinued, and old HSE courses will no longer exempt new HSE courses. If you have further questions, please contact MN student information.

You will not be exempt from the HSE courses if you have taken HSE courses previously at another institution. The courses offered by the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences are specific to the University of Oslo.


The online course includes an online digital exam that you need to pass, to pass the course. Please note that you will have to be registered for the course in StudentWeb to complete the exam.

The digital exam is multiple choice and you can take the exam more than once. When you have passed the exam you will receive an email confirming you have passed the course.

If HMS0504 is a degree requirement or a formal prerequisite for any of the courses in your degree, you will not get your degree approved until you have passed the course.

Grading scale

Grades are awarded on a pass/fail scale. Read more about the grading system.

Special examination arrangements, use of sources, explanations and appeals

See more about examinations at UiO

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Facts about this course

Spring and autumn
Spring and autumn
Teaching languages
  • English
  • Norwegian

You can access the online course here: