ENT5100 – Research Design

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This course covers qualitative and quantitative research methods and relevant topics and theories in entrepreneurial research. The purpose of the course is to serve as an introduction to academic research and to prepare you for selecting a research topic and writing your master thesis in the fourth semester.

Learning outcome

After completing the course, you will:

  • Have knowledge about selected topics within contemporary entrepreneurship research
  • Have knowledge about qualitative and quantitative research methods and analyses that are used in the field of entrepreneurship research and be able to choose an appropriate method
  • Be able to collect data according to appropriate data collection methodologies
  • Be able to read scientific papers and undertake an independent literature review within a research domain
  • Be able to conduct field research and write a research proposal
  • Know how to structure a master thesis, how to formulate a research question and how to best organize the work

Admission to the course

This course is available only for students admitted to either the study programme Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management (master's two years) or to the study programme Informatics: Digital Economics and Leadership (master's two years)

Either the following subjects for students admitted to the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management master's program:

or the following subjects for students admitted to the Informatics: Digital Economics and Leadership master's program:


Weekly classes throughout the semester that include lectures, in-class activities and group exercises. In addition, readings and group/individual assignments between classes.

Due to the significant amount of group exercises and in-class activities in this course, 80% attendance of the lectures is mandatory. Completion of mandatory attendance is required in order to pass the course.


The course grade is calculated based on the following components:

  • A final group assignment including an oral group presentation accounting for in total 50 % of the score. Students in each group are given the same score. Group members who do not fulfill their obligations can be scored individually from the group.
  • Individual assignments/quizzes given during the semester accounting for in total 50 % of the overall score.

Failing a graded assignment does still allow participation in the remaining exams. All exams and assignments must be taken during the same semester.

Completion of mandatory attendance is required in order to pass the course.

Language of examination

The examination text is given in English, and you submit your response in English.

Grading scale

Grades are awarded on a scale from A to F, where A is the best grade and F is a fail. Read more about the grading system.

Resit an examination

Students who can document a valid reason for absence from the regular examination are offered a postponed examination at the beginning of the next semester. Re-scheduled examinations are not offered to students who withdraw during, or did not pass the original examination.

Special examination arrangements, use of sources, explanations and appeals

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